Riley Repko
CEO - Guroo

Riley Repko

Riley Repko is an entrepreneur, strategist and technology industry executive backed by 30 years of hands-on experience.  Of those, he served in uniform with the military for 27 years and is on his 2nd Highly Qualified Expert (HQE) tour serving at Headquarters U.S. Air Force, currently as the Strategic Advisor for Innovation to the Secretary and Chief of Staff.  Mr. Repko’s commissioned service (Active & Reserve) was complemented by executive leadership positions within industry.  Most of these were with aggressive growth technology and software companies.  As an integration specialist, Riley enables the matching of a government Seeker’s requirement to vetted technology solutions provided by Solver’s within the private-sector’s vast global ecosystem.

Recognized as a trusted technology strategist, connector and consummate problem-solver, Mr. Repko serves as a bridge between innovation and critical national security or critical infrastructure security requirements found in either the public or private sectors.  As a connector, he focuses on offering advanced situational awareness, vectoring the Seeker with acquisition authority and money, which support DOD’s investment priorities with Solvers offering an innovative, vetted and sometimes non-traditional solution.

His current product under development is Project CAFÉ.  CAFÉ is a knowledge-based search and recommendation engine optimized to identify qualified, proven solutions to the most pressing technology challenges facing the DOD, the government and the private sector as a whole.  A 2019 GCN/FCW Government Innovation Award winner, CAFÉ’s AI-powered search engine is powered by a knowledge-graph that leverages hundreds of data-sources to provided situational awareness around the state of a capability. This awareness assists the Air Force and the Defense Dept. with optimizing their technology investments by ensuring that a full solution set is evaluated during the decision-making process.

Riley has held business leadership & management roles in international sales, P&L management, business development and operations all with rapid-growth companies.  Finally, Mr Repko has served on numerous advisory boards with both publically traded and non-profit organizations.